Neighborhood Scout and Safety Program


  1. Talk to Everybody!
  2. Writing Pad and Pen: Issues, Actions, Volunteer Hours
  3. Camera with Flash – Disposable.
  4. Orange Marking Tape
  5. Give NSSP CARD with telephone numbers, encourage Speed Dial.
  6. Cell Phone: Speed Dial
    893-7780 Police Non-Emergency
    893-7394 Graffiti
    893-7211 Action Line: Fix Anything

Look For

  • Potholes
  • Lights Out
  • Overhanging vegetation
  • Codes
  • Graffiti [Signs are coated, use rubbing alcohol or Goof Off]
  • Newspapers, Solicitations not removed in 1 day.
  • Stray Bikes, Skateboards. Are “Abandoned” on Public Property.
  • Call in: Possible Crime Evidence ~ Drop bike, steal car, gone, etc.
  • Animals
  • PEOPLE who do not belong – make yourself OBVIOUS
  • Write down Tag Number
  • Disposable Camera, flash, take photo of what they are doing
  • (not face to face).
  • Talk to them “How may I help you?” Don’t like eye contact.
  • Suspicious = CALL IN: “Car cruising looking in cars & houses, describe car and occupants.”
  • Note: DISPATCHER, EVENT #, Time
  • Log your Volunteer Hours, and make notes of actions.
  • Middle School: Start Dismiss: 4:15pm (Wed. 3pm)
    Holidays: Nov 21-25, Dec 20 to Jan 2, March 26-30, Close June 7

Every Meeting: Announce 893-7780 Police Non-Emergency

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