Plain clothes neighborhood guy reporting

Plain clothes neighborhood guy reporting:
As I drove by Abercrombie Park at dusk this evening, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that there seemed to be unfamiliar activity going on in the park (not legitimate after dark). Upon arrival home I explained to my wife that I had a possible NSSP duty to perform. So, since I was already in very plain clothes (work jeans, etc.), I quickly hiked a few blocks along Park Street until I could ascertain strange silhouettes and the unusual movement of human animals slipping around in the darkness, and the barely audible rush of water accompanied by a clunking sound.
As I cautiously approached, a stranger in a hard hat stepped in my direction so I felt compelled to announce myself and the interest that our neighborhood association has in events that happen in all areas of our neighborhood.
What happened next might be of interest to Jungle Terrace residents. The strange barely visible objects represented a complete compliment of well drilling equipment and the humans were hard hat adorned guys making stuff happen in our beloved park.
My next question: “Are you installing a well for use in the park?” Answer: Nope, we are installing an underground apparatus that relates to the gas pipeline”. Folks, my knowledge of such subterranean gadgets is totally lacking, but he was a real nice foreman. We had a congenial talk and I trotted home feeling fairly confident that all is well in Abercrombie Park.
Thought I’d report in case anyone else is curious about unusual neighborhood going’s on. Better hurry though, if you want to find out for yourself, because the foreman said they would probably finish their project tomorrow (Wednesday, November 30, 2011).
Plain Clothes Roland

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