NSSP Summary of Actions (22 pages)

NSSP ~ Neighborhood Scout and Safety Program

Prevention Power by Presence and Perception.

In challenging times for cities, neighborhoods take responsibility to expand the Presence of Police and City Resources through volunteer “Neighborhood Scout and Safety Patrol.”

Mission: Neighborhood Health through Active Volunteer Vigilance.
Motto: Have Fun Outdoors with Vigilant Eyes.
Slogan: Active Hearts, Hands and Heads = Health

JTCA, pursuing a Police Forfeiture Grant for an electric bicycle, named our program “Neighborhood Scout and Safety Patrol.” The idea and form continued to emerge – black polo shirt design, black business cards with phone numbers of Police Non Emergency, Action Line, and Graffiti.

Law Enforcement Officers helped us develop what to look for and how to behave. Board Members around Walter Fuller Park are YES to bike “patrol” their neighborhoods. Other riders joined them, including our retired community police officer, and a Pinellas Trail Volunteer.

Next, regular walkers began stepping forward for a shirt to wear and eyes to look. Pete Samsoe, Grounds Supervisor at the Baseball Center, volunteered 4 hours a week night patrol in their golf cart in Walter Fuller Park. At “Donuts in the Park” event, more eager volunteers became Scouts. Crime Watch last year: 1 person was interested. NSSP Team: 17 Scouts already!! (29 in 2014)

No meetings, your regular activities, FUN and beneficial. Thank you for stepping forward to help us “Practice Prevention through Presence and Perception.”
NSSP also stands for “Neighborhood SNIPE SIGN Program”. A hearty Scout says “You make ‘em, we take ‘em.” “I think of it as a sport/game. I get instant gratification cleaning up the City. Everything looks so much better without this trash. Really, really better!” City Sanitation has now joined in with two men in a truck out picking up snipe signs.

Join us! Simply remove signs and discard them in your garbage can. “Good fortune follows those who are willing to help themselves.”
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NSSP Actions

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